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Over the past few years, I have authored various technical analysis documentations. Today I will share why I love writing technical docs and how it helps me strengthen my understanding of requirements and finalize technical approach before writing a single line of code.

Writing technical documentation might not be a priority when we are always on the clock for shipping deliverables, bug fixes, managing new releases, iterating/redesigning the new product to incorporate customer feedback, shipping new features, tweaking existing features. [No offense to anyone]

Product delivery is the end goal, but how we end up there matters as well.


Each employer issues an Employee Handbook which talks about the Code of Conduct. This might help to gain an abstract vision of the professional standards and behavior expected from you. Most of us focus on where we want to be after X years, technologies, compensation goals.
So, developing soft skills takes a backseat.

I compiled the list of etiquettes based on the experiences and learnings from situations that I have encountered at various workplaces during my tenure. Unequivocally, this is not the ultimate list. Everyone will go through different experiences. …

Before we dive into what is cloud ?, let us peek into on Premise infrastructure model

On-Premise Infrastructure

In On-Premise infrastructure, the data center is owned and maintained by the Company within its property for its own private use. The software is installed on Company’s servers and behind its firewall.

Maintaining own data centers comes with the following overheads :

  1. purchase and install
    a. compute — servers etc
    b. storage — hard disk etc
    c. networking — switches, routers, hubs
  2. Limited scaling, purchase new machines to keep up with large processing workload
  3. requires high-speed network connectivity
  4. requires a reliable source of electricity

In simple terms, HTTP Proxy is an middle man between client and backend server. When a client makes request to backend server, the proxy server intercepts and analyses the requests and then communicates with the backend server.

Tools like Charles, ProxyMan and Fiddler are local proxy servers which allows to view HTTP/S network traffic between the client and the backend server.

Lets understand this with an real life example, Amazon acts as a broker or proxy between the shoppers and the sellers. Amazon allows shoppers to place an order and if the order is confirmed it communicates the same to…

Animation in mobile app enhances the user experience. It provides a perfect visual hint and makes it appealing to the user.

In this post, we will learn how to implement a speedometer animation using React Native Animated API. We will make use of interpolator and rotate animation.

Ground Rules

Before we begin, let us understand the basic rules that we need to follow while using interpolation. If you are already aware of these, feel free to skip to the next section

  • The values in inputRange need not necessarily start at 0. inputRange: [-1 0 , 1] is an valid range.


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