Unspoken etiquette for software professionals

Each employer issues an Employee Handbook which talks about the Code of Conduct. This might help to gain an abstract vision of the professional standards and behavior expected from you. Most of us focus on where we want to be after X years, technologies, compensation goals.
So, developing soft skills takes a backseat.

I compiled the list of etiquettes based on the experiences and learnings from situations that I have encountered at various workplaces during my tenure. Unequivocally, this is not the ultimate list. Everyone will go through different experiences. You need to build your own set of etiquettes that makes you a better professional at work.

Productive Meetings

  1. Agenda
    Specify brief agenda in the meeting invite. It sets the tone for the entire meeting.

Email Etiquette

  1. Concise
    Keep your emails brief and relevant to the subject.

Interview Etiquette

  1. Introductions
    Practice your introduction. An experienced individual can skip all the education details and focus on career learnings.
    A fresher can mention all the relevant details about the technology, projects, education. I would not include family details in my technical interview.

Team Lunch/Dinner Etiquette

  1. Inform your host ahead of time
    If you won’t be able to make it for the meal. Let the host or team know. Don’t just assume.

General Workplace etiquette

  1. Mind your own business
    Stay away from nasty politics at the workplace. Save your time and embarrassment. Avoid participating in spreading rumors or eavesdropping on your colleague. It is unprofessional.

You need to have your tailored version of the etiquettes list that helps you to create an impression and make your presence felt in your workplace.

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